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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bloggers! Bloggers!

So Senator Kerry, how do you feel about Joe Lieberman's claim that the Democratic party stance on Iraq will strengthen the terrorists?

That's bunk. That's scare-tactic bunk. And it's an unfortunate statement from somebody of Joe's quality, and I regret it....I'm not going to stand for those scare tactics, that's exactly what the Republicans have been doing for the last years. They avoid a real discussion by throwing out a slogan and they scare people....It's a disgrace that people are playing to the lowest common denominator of American politics, which is fear.

Oh, but look! Bloggers!

"Lieberman’s tone and message has shocked a lot of people," said a second senior Democratic aide who has discussed the issue with other Senate Democrats. "He’s way off message for us and right in line with the White House."

But look! Bloggers! Bloggers! Don't you see the nasty, vile bloggers? Look! There's Markos right there behind that bush! When will Ned Lamont take responsibility for the nasty, awful, hurtful BLOGGERS!

"Corliss Lamont was the only Lamont unashamed to declare his communist sympathies and beliefs publicly, but that doesn't make Thomas, Ted and Ned any less Marxist. Red Ned may label himself a progressive, but when he espouses goals shared by Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, et al., he gives away his true color."

So what? What's the matter with you, can't you see the BLOGGERS? They hacked Joe's WEBSITE, for heaven's sake!!

There's just no reasoning with Lamont supporters.


Blogger Gary Sartori said...

Is this the same John Kerry who voted for the war, then flipped so fast because the Democrats might smear him like they are with Lieberman?? John Kerry, a true man of his word, for about 10 minutes, then like a weather vane on a windy day, changes his mind when it's politically feesable for him to do so. No wonder he lost in 2004.

9:52 AM

Blogger Gary Sartori said...

About the bloggers, never let it be said that the Democrats won't waste time eating their own. Of course, this maybe the main reason Democrats haven't been in control for 6 years.

9:54 AM

Blogger Sundog said...

Gary, thanks for being here, but your argument skills could use some work. What does any of what you said have to do with the words he said?

Standard Republican ad-hominem argument. Sorry, no points for that.

10:10 AM

Blogger Gary Sartori said...

He said he was for the war, now he's against it. Ad-hominem huh?? I don't think so!!! John kerry, flip flop artist.

8:51 PM


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