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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Everyone but Joe Gets It - A Letter from John Kerry

People who live in white houses shouldn't throw stones.

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove should know better, but it's no surprise they don't. For almost five years now, every time they've got their backs to the wall politically, they play "the fear card." The latest example: Dick Cheney claiming that Democratic candidates who dare to challenge the Bush White House on Iraq are "emboldening terrorists."

What's worse, and startling, is that in Connecticut Joe Lieberman is now echoing their intolerable rhetoric attacking the Democratic Senate nominee.

It won't work. We won't let it work.


In Connecticut, New Jersey and Hawaii, this cynical Bush-Cheney strategy is running aground because our stand-up candidates are exposing the failed policies, botched strategies, and mind-boggling incompetence of the Bush White House that have squandered America's treasure, kept Osama Bin Laden on the loose, and cost the lives and limbs of our brave young people.

If the Bush administration could plan and execute the war on terror as well as it executes its shameless pre-election fear-mongering, we'd all be a lot safer.

That's what strong, principled Senate candidates like Ned Lamont, Bob Menendez, and Dan Akaka are making clear to voters in three of America's closest, high-stakes Senate contests.


Our candidates are refusing to buckle or bend in the face of withering attacks by shameless politicians.

I urge you to stand with these candidates now. Because when we help them win, the cynical tactics of the Bush-Cheney-Rove political machine will lose their power.

There's only one way we can win. We've got to help our candidates give back as good as they get.

We'll meet every shameless attack with more energy, every distorting ad with more passion, and every ugly appeal to fear with more determination.

And 82 days from now, we'll celebrate the election of standup Democrats all across America.

We'll teach them, once and for all, that people who live in white houses shouldn't throw stones.

Let's get it done.


John Kerry


Blogger SeedFreak said...

"We'll teach them, once and for all, that people who live in white houses shouldn't throw stones."

Kerry REALLY said this?

It's sounds so fifth grade that it's silly.

4:00 PM

Blogger cacambo said...

Isn't it glass houses?

4:14 PM

Blogger SeedFreak said...

This will not be making it into Great Speeches of the World.

5:52 PM

Anonymous cfaller96 said...

Just my opinion, but if this blog is going to spend time talking about the Connecticut Senate campaign, then it should be more balanced.

Just like the LieberDem blog was too far in support of Lieberman, and consciously overlooked bad news for Lieberman, this blog has (thus far) avoided talking about bad news for Lamont. The latest poll showing Lieberman with a solid lead over Lamont is a perfect example of that.

Either talk about all aspects of this campaign, or don't talk about any of it and focus on other topics. Otherwise, you won't be providing balanced coverage of the campaign.

7:20 AM

Blogger SeedFreak said...


Matt came out of the closet as a Deaniac and SunDog is a Progressive. It's not likely that they'll be pro-Joe on anything, unless they're sincere about showing an even handed face.

9:32 AM

Anonymous cfaller96 said...

seedfreak, I think you're missing my point. I'm not criticizing Sundog and Matt Smith for their views per se, I'm pointing out that they're falling short of their stated mission to elevate the political debate.

Accuracy, balance, and civility are necessary and critical components of a good debate. All views are welcome and discussed, as long as everyone sticks to the truth and avoids insults.

It's fine if you're a supporter of Lamont (I'm one too), but if you really want to provide an elevated forum for a given topic (e.g. on the Connecticut Senate race), you have to be willing to acknowledge and discuss unpleasant realities.

And as a personal aside, I don't think you're one to throw stones here, seedfreak. Did you survive the "riots" that you predicted Lamont supporters were going to incite? If DemProgress sticks to its mission, that kind of bulls--t won't be tolerated over here.

10:40 AM

Blogger SeedFreak said...


You're missing my point. They may not be even handed if they don't want or care to be, especially if they're nedophiles.

My feelings about the ned and his nuts haven't changed.

How's Toms Slime doing? Still holding onto his job by a thread?

11:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sundog here...

I think you're right. Matt is trying to create a more unified look at things, and I don't think I can be evenhanded enough. I have sent him an email saying thanks for the opportunity, but I want to be free to write what I please, even if it isn't very evenhanded.

I believe in this blog and the idea; I'm just one of those "partisan moderates" who has finally realized that the status quo just won't do. I can't be moderate any more. So I really don't think I am right for the site and am withdrawing.

Hope some of you will still visit my blog at TPMCafe in the Reader Blogs section.

Much luck to Matt and all of you.

8:17 AM

Blogger SeedFreak said...

The chocolate post was very inspiring.

I'm blogging at TPM Cafe too, look for bigger and better bites from me there.


9:10 AM

Blogger Susan said...

Kerry is obviously pandering to the netroots types in order to help his own chances in 2008. The same is true for John Edwards.

After all, Kerry is going to continue working with Lieberman in the Senate after this election.

11:39 AM

Blogger Gary Sartori said...

Is this the same John Kerry who LOST the presidency in 2004?? The guy is turning into a wacko right before my eyes.

1:26 PM

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