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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lie Down With Dogs...

Well, Matt has assured me that he knew I was dangerous when he asked me to blog, so I guess I'll hang. You can expect me to be open to discussion (at least, feel free to call me on it when I'm not) but I have no intention of trying to be impartial, because I'm not.

Sometimes in the dense political landscape, choices are difficult to make. Who really is the best Democrat? Who is the better person? Who would I want sitting at my table over Sunday dinner? Who's the good guy?

Sometimes, the choices make themselves, based not on the issues but who a candidate chooses to surround himself with (sorry, Dan), the tone he takes, and the kind of people who support him. In other words, sometimes I am not sure who I should be for, but I always damn sure know the kind of people I'm against.


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