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Friday, August 11, 2006

Regarding the Great Website Hack of 2006, Kos gets it right this morning, repeating the bottom line I stated a few days ago:

Turning things knee-jerk over to the FBI without investigating the possible causes of the outages is pure negligence and abuse of our law enforcement agencies.

Yup. That "plopping" sound you heard at the time was the sound of the jaws of thousands of system administrators around the country, dropping to the tables. Any pro admin who cried "WOLF!" to the extent of calling the FBI about a breakin before they had done any analysis at all to see if it was even true would be fired on the spot in any more professional environment.

You don't leap to conclusions when your server goes down. Yes, it could be a hacker in the end, tempted by holes in Joomla or somewhere else. But that's what log files are for. You do a little investigation before you get on the horn to the FBI.

Lieberman's campaign, in a dazzling display of ignorance and chutzpah, directly accused the Lamont camp of leveling a denial-of-service attack at their website and called in the FBI. They did this when (1) there was no certainty they had been attacked by anyone (and still isn't), (2) there was no evidence whatsoever (there COULD be no evidence whatsoever, since they hadn't done any investigation yet) that it came from the Lamont campaign.

These are reckless, scurrilous charges, hurled without a thought for fairness or honesty. I just don't think a man this angry, paranoid and clueless needs to be in the Senate.

Joomla. Heh.


Blogger SeedFreak said...

I think a crashed site would have been figured out by now by the braintank at the FBI, so if they haven't named it as such yet, it isn't such yet.

Any site admin can look at stats in live-time and see what's happening.

Hacking is hacking and you're lines spin like a caffeinated gerbil in its wonderwheel.

The longer it takes to investigate, the worse it is for the hacker and his employer and/or cohorts.

Sweat, sweat, sweat.

7:04 PM


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