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Friday, September 08, 2006

Keep the Pressure on ABC

The most important thing any Democrat can do today is put every ounce of pressure possible on anyone connected with the despicable "Path to 9-11" debacle.

Call your local ABC affiliate and ask to speak with the program director. Tell them how many TVs you have in your house and then politely but firmly swear a mighty oath that the ABC network will not appear on any of them for a solid year if they air this show. Tell them you intend to target the advertisers that support their local news, and then do so, politely but doggedly.

If they say they are forced to air it because they are owned by ABC, tell them that's fine, you understand, but it changes nothing, and a responsible program director should probably communicate this sort of drastic direct public action upstairs to their corporate owners.

Contact Scholastic and tell them that their rethink about their complicity in putting this despicable program out to our children in their very schools is a good try, but not good enough. They must completely drop their association with this project. Atrios and Kos both totally wimped out on this one, declaring victory when it's nothing even close. Keep the pressure on.

Senate Democrats today wrote a thinly-veiled threat to ABC that they had better make this thing right, or come November, ABC and the Mouse are due for some very unwelcome attention.

This really is one of those litmus-test issues. If you call yourself a Democrat and aren't outraged by this blatant attempt by Disney, ABC and Scholastic to rewrite history in the minds of millions of low-information voters and schoolchildren, two months before an election, change your registration; you aren't a Democrat.

Excuse me if I don't blog much for a while, real life intervenes sometimes.


Blogger cacambo said...

Scholastic already dumped it:

8:46 AM

Blogger Gary Sartori said...

Remember this??!!


10:27 AM


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