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Thursday, September 14, 2006

No Shame at All

I find I don't engage righties any more simply because of the overwhelming need to take a shower afterwards.

Unfortunately, the same has become true of Lieberman supporters. I don't even read the comments here any more for that reason. I don't need the aggravation.

Democrats have shown they can go just as disgustingly negative as Republicans. Honestly; a man devotes time to teaching inner-city kids and Dan Gerstein thinks that's somehow a liability.

What the hell is wrong with Dan Gerstein, or anyone who buys into these repulsive attacks? Very simple. They're Republicans.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to have a state mandated certification to teach in a school in conn, put up Lamont's teaching certs.

Put up the payroll stub showing he taught.

Or put up the tax statement showing how muh he took as a write-off against his taxes for the hours.

You need to ask Bridgport how much they pay per hour for a continuing/community ed. instructor--which by the way, is a different legal definition from teacher.

Then multiply the cost per hour, times the hours, times two to cover prep time. If he claimed a deduction higher than figured amount he might be liable for tax fraud. So hopefully, Lamont can come up with the tax stubs from payroll or proof of deduction and or proof of a teaching certificate--if he doesn't have a teaching certificate then he is an instructor, but the hours and certification are entirely different from being an actual certified teacher. So he can't say he's a teacher unless he's a certified teacher and if he's a continuing/community ed instructor he can say he's a continuing/community ed instructor...

Instructors are different from teachers. You need a certificate to lead a class and be called a teacher.

So cough up the tax stubs and or the certification to teach.

Anon, who needs a salt scrub after reading YOUR insulting posts.

11:34 AM

Blogger Gary Sartori said...

You don't engage with Lieberman supporters anymore, simply because you know deep down, we're right!!!

Game, set, match!!!!

2:05 PM

Anonymous CERTIFIED! said...

Oh yeah, looks like Lamont has gone to the edge of the abyss. It's in the Connecticut papers now, and it ISN'T Pro-Lamont.

Looks like reporters have done some checking and agree that being a teachers aide is NOT THE SAME THING as being a teacher.

What else can we expect to learn about Neddie? Maybe he needs to go to the corner of the room and put on the dunce cap for this debacle.

5:51 AM

Blogger SeedFreak said...

Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

5:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone home?

Let's add some more Lamont Hypocrasy, but this time it's in the newspapers in Conn. Looks like the reporters are becoming suspicious and have started doing some digging to see just how much manure they can turn over.
Hypocrite Cubed

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Copyright © 2006 Republican-American

Recent developments on the campaign trail: For months, Democratic senatorial candidate Ned Lamont as basked in the glow of journalists' adoration because, like them, he favors cutting and running in Iraq. He never objected to the label "the anti-war candidate"; in fact, he did everything possible to promote that image.

But anti-war screeds don't play well with everyone else so now he's trying to pawn himself off as more than a puppet. So when he ventured to Washington, D.C., this month to hob-nob with power brokers, he claimed journalists got it all wrong before the primary: "I think the media jumped to conclusions about who I am and what I'm about." Anyone buying that?

From the start, Mr. Lamont has criticized Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman for being "too close" to President Bush. It's hypocritical enough that Mr. Lamont tried to quietly quit the snooty-toot Round Hill Club in Greenwich, known to the locals as "the Bush family's club." Now, his wife, Annie, has been outed as a regular contributor to a political-action committee that is supporting Sen. Lieberman.

BusinessWeek reports Mrs. Lamont is on the board of athenahealth, a software company. Oak Investment Partners, where Mrs. Lamont is a managing partner, helped bankroll athenahealth. So who do you suppose is athenahealth's CEO? No, not a descendent of Josef Stalin, but presidential cousin Jonathan S. Bush.

It leaves one to wonder what else the Lamonts have hiding in the Bushes.

7:05 PM

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